Dana says she was an administrator for an online support group run by Kelly, but Kelly says she banned Dana after they disagreed over protocol regarding member-reported suicidal ideation.

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Dana says she saw a screenshot of something Kelly posted about her to other administrators in the group and claims Kelly tried to ruin her reputation.

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Now Kelly claims Dana has been cyberstalking her and got her fired from her job.

Dana says it’s not her fault Kelly lost her job, though she admits she did contact Kelly’s boss. She claims her attorney subpoenaed Facebook to obtain an audio recording of Kelly, which was then sent to Kelly’s employer.

Challenging Dana’s assertion that her attorney successfully subpoenaed Facebook, Dr. Phil asks her, “How did this really happen?”

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“I will say that my attorney did have connections through Facebook,” Dana replies.

When Dr. Phil says, “We searched Google and the Bar Association for the attorney’s name that you gave us, and he doesn’t exist,” how does Dana respond?

Watch the video above to hear the recording Kelly says Dana sent to her employer.

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