Julie claims that her boyfriend, Ben’s, ex-wife, Jennifer, is a “very bad mother” who prioritizes drinking and men over her children.

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“Jennifer’s parenting is all about her, and not about her kids,” claims Julie, who says she believes that Ben and Jennifer’s 13-year-old daughter, Bella, would be much happier away from her mother and living with her and Ben.

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Jennifer claims that Julie has sabotaged her and Ben’s co-parenting relationship. She says she’s “sick and tired” of being made out to be a bad mother.

“I feel like Julie thinks she’s a better mother than I am,” says Jennifer, claiming that Julie also “badmouths” her to her and Ben’s children. “Julie is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.”

When Dr. Phil tells Julie she doesn’t have the right to weigh in on Jennifer’s parenting, how does Julie respond?

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