Laura says her daughter, Nicole’s boyfriend, Jay, is controlling, makes “crazy accusations” and requires that she give him updates on where she is every day. “Jay lives an hour away, and he’ll drive up and down our street to see if Nicole is there or not,” says Laura, claiming that Jay has even accused Nicole of sleeping with Laura’s fiancé, John.

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“I’ve never had any kind of sexual relationship with Nicole. It is absolutely false,” says John, claiming that Jay is paranoid. “He hired a PI to follow her when he was out of town, and actually called Nicole when she was at Walmart and told her what she was wearing.” He claims that Jay carries a loaded firearm, and worries that “something could set him off.”

Nicole, who vehemently denies sleeping with John, says that Jay is “a completely different person” than he once was. She and Laura claim that Jay’s “paranoid accusations” have turned their youngest son against her.

Jay admits to saying negative things about Nicole in front of their children but says he can’t hide his feelings in his own home.

What do Jay and Nicole’s sons say about their parents’ relationship? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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