Debra says her daughter LiAnne’s girlfriend, Shemelia, has a criminal record and a history of abusive behavior toward LiAnne.

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Debra, who has legal guardianship of LiAnne’s kids, claims that Shemelia, who is currently staying in her attic with LiAnne, has antagonized her with “derogatory” texts. She says LiAnne has told her that she’s an awful person; that her grandchildren hate her, and that she’s going to “burn in Hell.”

“One time, Shemelia sent me a text telling me my dad died to get away from me, and that she wished I was dead, like him,” says Debra who calls Shemelia’s behavior “utterly disrespectful.” She says she wants Shemelia away from LiAnne – and her kids.

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Shemelia acknowledges her prior record and admits she sent Debra the texts. She claims that Debra “Torments, criticizes, manipulates, shames and guilts LiAnne.” Shemelia says Debra should return LiAnne’s children to her.

LiAnne admits there were times that she didn’t feel safe with Shemelia. She says her children are her highest priority and claims she should have her children back because it’s her “God-given right.”

Does Dr. Phil agree?

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