Marla claims her ex-husband, Marty, and his new wife, Jennifer, are out to make her life “A living hell.” She claims they stalk, harass, and say negative things about her on social media, and to her 10-year-old son, David.

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“When my younger son, David, comes back from his dad’s house he says all they do is talk bad about me and his siblings and dragging me back into court for something,” claims Marla, adding, “This is just wrong. A child shouldn’t have to go through all this.”

Marty and Jennifer adamantly deny Marla’s accusations. They claim that Marla is refusing to let Marty have their 10-year-old son, David, for his scheduled parenting time.

What do Marty and Marla’s older sons, Danny and Sam, say about their parents’ alleged behaviors?

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