Tiffany and Sheka who both dated Erik say he lied to them when he claimed he was a widower, a single dad, a former NFL player, and a millionaire.

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Sheka, who dated Erik in 2018, says after learning the truth “I felt betrayed, and I feel like he has some serious mental health issues.”

WATCH ‘There’s Not A Lick Of Truth In Anything He Told Me,’ Says Woman Who Claims Her Ex Lied About Everything

“All Erik was, was a stack of empty promises,” claims Tiffany, who was in a relationship with Erik from 2011-2013. She says she has a son with Erik and says she cut off all communication with him about three years ago.

Erik’s mother, Jody, says she knows her son has hurt others with his lies and says that makes her feel horrible.

Erik admits he’s lied about “anything and everything” for as long as he can remember, which he claims makes him feel guilty and sad. He says he wants to know why he lies and claims he’s willing to change.

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