In 2015, ex-couple Camma and Brandon’s 8-year-old daughter accused her mother’s fiancé, Andrew, of touching her “in bad places.” Andrew was recently convicted on charges of statutory rape and of the child, but Camma says she knows there is no way Andrew would have sexually abused her daughter. She’s claiming her ex-husband manipulated the girl into lying about being molested – and not for the first time.

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Camma says that when her daughter came to her at age 5 with similar allegations about another man she had been seeing, she contacted Brandon who - she claims - manipulated the situation.

“He told me that as long as the man was out of my life, we shouldn’t pursue this,” says Camma. “Brandon ended up calling CPS anyway. They found nothing.”

Camma says she finds it “odd” that the story her daughter told her when she was 5 was nearly identical to the one she related to Camma at age 8. “The stories are way too similar. That leads me to believe that Brandon is coaching our daughter into saying unbelievable things.”

“The thought that I would tell my daughter to lie about being molested is ridiculous,” says Brandon who vehemently denies coaching the little girl.

“Camma doesn’t believe her own daughter when she says she was abused,” says Brandon’s fiancée, Christine, on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. “The jury believed her daughter. The judge believed her daughter. All the professionals believe her – when is Camma going to believe her?”

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Mom Claims Fiancé Falsely Confessed To Molesting Her Child