After their divorce, former spouses Amy and Doug say they moved in together to save money while co-parenting their children. Doug, who admits he wasn’t a good husband to Amy, says he wants her to give their relationship another chance, but Amy says it’s over.

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“Doug uses the children as pawns,” she claims, insisting that he manipulates them to pressure her into reconciling.

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Doug adamantly denies Amy’s allegations. He claims their son feels that Amy is the cause for their family falling apart.

“It’s her fault that we’re divorced,” Doug says, adding, “She wanted it, and I didn’t.”

Doug admits that during his divorce from Amy, their son witnessed “a lot of arguments that he shouldn’t have heard.”

Watch the video above to learn what Dr. Phil says about the negative effects of parents fighting in front of their kids. And later, what does parenting expert Donna Tetreault say about Amy and Doug’s living situation?

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