Jillian Epperly says she created “Jilly Juice,” a combination of fermented cabbage, water, and Himalayan pink salt, which she claims has the potential to reverse the aging process and halt any disease.

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“You could regrow limbs, you can reverse Autism, you can regenerate organs. You could potentially reverse homosexuality. If you take my ‘Jilly Juice’ you can live to be 400,” she claims.

“I stand behind my juice because of what it does for me, and what is possible for the rest of humanity,” says Jillian, who admits she has no medical training or education. She claims her protocol, which includes drinking up to a gallon of the concoction each day, helps to clear out toxins, parasites, and other harmful elements, by purging the body through what she terms “waterfalls,” which others describe as “explosive diarrhea.”

How does Jillian respond to critics who claim that “Jilly Juice” has the potential to cause dangerous, potentially lethal side-effects?

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The Ohio Attorney General’s office has reportedly sent Jillian Epperly a letter requesting proof of her “Jilly Juice” claims. AGO spokesperson Dan Tierney told “Dr. Phil” staffers they “Cannot confirm or deny any investigation is going on at this time.”

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Why Dr. Phil Says ‘Jilly Juice’ Creator’s Claims Are ‘Outrageous And Offensive’