Makayla claims her fiancé, Diggs, can never quite complete a chore. “He can get 80% of it done, but that 20%, I always have to come back and pick up the slack for him.” She says that Diggs will clean the bathroom but neglect to scrub the toilet, or take out the garbage, then forget to replace the liner.

“I think a lot of it – honestly – is that I don’t realize I didn’t do something,” says Diggs. “It’s not until I see the scowl from her across the room.”

Both are members of the “Dr. Phil Phanatics” superfan page on Facebook. Watch the video above to see what happened when Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin McGraw, recently turned up to their home unannounced. Then, tune in to Thursday’s episode, “Knock Knock … It’s Dr. Phil and Robin!/Phanatics’ Biggest Questions,” to find out how Makayla and Diggs are doing today.

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