Debbie says that two years after undergoing the gastric sleeve surgery that helped her to lose 300 lbs., she still doesn’t see what others’ see when she looks in the mirror and has a hard time accepting herself.

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Her fiancé, James, says he’s not jealous but claims Debbie is “naïve” about other men noticing her.

Debbie claims James has accused her of flirting with other men and has gone through her phone.

She also claims that James is controlling. Recently when their dog, Cocoa, was temporarily lost, Debbie says, “he was calling me names and screaming at me. And every time I would try and answer him he was telling me to shut up.” Debbie says James told her that if they didn’t find Cocoa – or if the dog were dead – “that he would hate me forever, and he would leave.”

“I’ve never been that way in my life,” says James. “I panicked on that one. You know?”

What does Debbie say when Dr. Phil questions her about the bruises she had after the search for their missing dog? And what does she say happened the time they were both arrested for domestic violence?

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