Angie claims her former stepfather, Ralph, started sexually abusing her when she was 17. When she was 19, Angie says she became pregnant out of wedlock. She claims Ralph, along with her mother, Leta, used church teachings from their Mormon faith to pressure her into listing him on the birth certificate as Hannah’s father.

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“I look back now … I think I was so naive and dumb,” says Angie. She says she now believes Ralph had an ulterior motive and pushed to be on Hannah’s birth certificate because he had a fantasy of being with her.

She also claims Ralph ramped up his sexual advances after Hannah was born, “But he didn’t get really bad and really touchy until after he was on the birth certificate. From then, he went completely on overdrive.” She claims that while Ralph continued to abuse her sexually, he eventually targeted Hannah as well.

Angie says she wants an apology from Ralph for what he did to her and Hannah, but Ralph adamantly denies abusing either of them. Tune in on Monday for part one of two-part Dr. Phil. Click here to see where you can watch.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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