Anna’s son, Nino, and his fiancée, Alexandria, say they are convinced that Anna is being scammed by a catfish who calls himself “Sammie Lee Strong.” The couple, who claims Anna has given “Sammie” upward of $120,000, say they’ve tried everything to intervene, but Anna refuses to stop communicating with him.

“Anna has gone off the deep end,” claims Alexandria, adding, “This whole situation has spiraled out of control.”

“I love Sammie because he cares for me,” says Anna, insisting that Nino and Alexandria have it all wrong. She asserts that “Sammie” is dependable, caring, and rich. Anna says she hopes to marry “Sammie” one day and share his alleged $12 million fortune. The only problem is that “Sammie” claims he is currently being detained in a Nigerian jail and cannot come home.

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