LiAnne and her girlfriend, Shemelia, have been living in the attic of LiAnne’s mother, Debra’s, house. Debra has legal guardianship of LiAnne’s children.

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“I am here to protect LiAnne. That is my purpose,” says Shemelia, who claims that Debra “Torments, criticizes, manipulates, shames and guilts LiAnne.” She claims that Debra has been a roadblock in LiAnne’s relationship with her children.

Debra claims that LiAnne has been “completely brainwashed” by Shemelia. She says her daughter’s girlfriend has a criminal record and a history of domestic abuse with LiAnne, and she wants Shemelia out of her house – and their lives.

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“Debra is completely disgusted with my presence,” says Shemelia admitting that she has lashed out physically at LiAnne in the past. She claims Debra is trying to drive a wedge between her and LiAnne.

“LiAnne is not to have a relationship with me if she wants a relationship with her children,” says Shemelia.

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Does LiAnne have to choose between her girlfriend and her kids?

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