Bob says he doesn’t trust his wife, Carol, because he claims she spent all the money from a million-dollar settlement he received following a car accident five years ago, which she denies.

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“I tried to cut her off. I tried to tell her no more, and she just came unglued,” he says. Continuing, Bob claims, “When the money was gone, it slowly went back into the stress. I’m too old for this. I don’t need this anymore.”

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“Any time we’d get in arguments and I would want to leave, that’s when he would just start telling me, you know, that I was a cold-hearted bitch and a gold digger,” claims Carol.

She says she had her teeth fixed, a breast augmentation, and says they bought a house but says she doesn’t think she spent more of the settlement money than Bob did.

Bob says there’s no respect, and he doesn’t feel as though he has any control in their home. “I don’t feel like a husband. I don’t feel like a father anymore,” he says.

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How does Bob respond when Dr. Phil asks, “So, you are a victim?”

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