Former Ohio divorce attorney Michael Fine is serving 12 years behind bars after having pled guilty in September 2016 to kidnapping and attempted kidnapping charges related to allegations that he used his ability to hypnotize others to control and sexually abuse half a dozen women; many of whom came to him for legal help. Since then, several more women have stepped forward, alleging they too were abused by Fine.

In the video above, Melissa claims she hired Fine to represent her in a divorce but says she began inexplicably “losing time” when she started taking meetings alone with the attorney. She claims she once lost five hours in a courthouse conference room. “I had thought it was only an hour. When I left the courthouse, my bra was undone, and my clothes were askew.”

Melissa says she had paid Fine a retainer and was broke – so, she says, she pushed her suspicions aside to continue with the case. She maintains her claim that “he did hypnotize me so that way he could take advantage of me sexually and emotionally.”

Today, Melissa’s attorney, Laura Mills, who is representing her in a civil suit against Fine, says that “Michael Fine sexually assaulted these women without their consent. It’s egregious. He’s a predator.”

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