Kelly and Kourtney claim their mom, Karla, has fallen for a catfishing con with a Tyler Perry imposter. The sisters claim their mom has been swindled out of $100,000 by someone posing as the film star online.

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“My mom is almost on her last dime,” says Kelly.

Kourtney says, “No matter what we do, she will not listen, understand at all, that this person is scamming her.”

“It is not possible that he’s fake,” claims Karla who says “My love for Tyler is sincere. Is real. And I mean that.”

Karla says she believes she’s married to the actor and shares biological children with him, even though they’ve never met in person. Can Dr. Phil help Kelly and Kourtney convince their mother that she’s being scammed?

Watch the video above for a recap of part one, then check here to find out where you can watch the conclusion of this two-part episode airing Thursday. 

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