Misti claims her mother, Lisa, has been a “heavy alcoholic” for the past six years, drinking up to two pints of vodka a day, straight out of the bottle.

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“When my mother is drunk, she is violent, belligerent - completely out of control,” says Misti, claiming that when she’s drunk, Lisa “pokes fights,” and threatens others; injures herself and has been both hospitalized and in trouble with the law multiple times due to her drinking.

“She's had three DUIs, and actually has been arrested several other times, all alcohol-related. It infuriates me that she drives under the influence. It's a matter of time before she kills herself or somebody else,” claims Misti. “My mom is a huge embarrassment to our family.”

Lisa admits she drinks but adamantly denies that she’s an alcoholic.

Misti says she’s afraid her mother’s drinking will end up killing her. She says if her mother doesn’t “sober up” their relationship is over.

Is Lisa willing to accept Dr. Phil’s help?

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