Tia’s family claims she drinks, does drugs and makes false accusations of abuse and molestation, and that she’s threatened to kill herself - and them.

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WATCH Woman Claims It’s Her Family’s ‘Mission’ To Make Her Look Crazy

“I am afraid of Tia,” says her mother, Gina, who claims the last time she saw her daughter, Tia scared her with a verbal attack.

Gina says she’s been taking care of Tia’s 15-year-old son for the last few years because her daughter hasn’t been able to. She claims Tia hates her for having custody of her son and says, “The truth is, she let him go.”

WATCH Woman Claims Stepdaughter Has Told ‘Lie-After-Lie’ About Her For Years

Gina says her grandson knows what’s going on with his mother, “Because he lived it.” She claims Tia has told her son some things “that a child should never be told.”

“I am determined to protect my grandson from Tia,” she continues.

Tia claims Gina kidnapped her son and “brainwashed” him, to keep him from her, but Gina denies it saying, “I’ve always told him if he wanted to see her, that was his choice.” Why does the teenager say he’s worried about his mother?

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