Taylor claims her mother, Michelle, a recovering alcoholic, ruined her childhood with her drinking, and failed to teach her any necessary life skills she needs to be an independent adult.


Michelle says she knows she made mistakes when Taylor was growing up due to her drinking but has been trying to make up for them ever since she got sober seven years ago.

Claiming Michelle exercises to excess, smokes cigarettes, is dependent on energy drinks, and works 17-hour-daysTaylor says her mom has just traded one addiction for another.

“It’s not one thing; it’s her whole entire day is an obsession, an addictive lifestyle,” she says. “And if her routine is disturbed, she’s literally having panic attacks.”

“I am working to support you,” Michelle tells her daughter.

“That’s irrelevant to your habits, though,” replies Taylor.

What does Dr. Phil say about Taylor’s assessment of her mother? Tune in to Thursday’s episode.

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