Michelle says she’s ready to throw her 22-year-old grandson, Conner, out of her house unless he decides to get out of bed, get a job and take a regular shower – three things she claims are not high on his priority list.

Conner vehemently denies his grandmother’s allegations, and says though he is currently unemployed, he has worked the past and that his hygiene is better than she claims. Conner’s mother, Jamie, claims that Michelle “nitpicks” at Conner which she says that isn’t helping his situation.

“The majority of Conner’s issues right now come from my mom’s parenting,” says Jamie, who claims that Michelle’s parenting style is “dysfunctional” and that she makes him feel bad about himself.

How do Jamie and Michelle respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Why is he living with either one of you?”

And later, why does Conner claim that his mother, Jamie, is “toxic” and that his grandmother, Michelle, has a “superiority complex”?

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