Donna claims that her 28-year-old daughter, Brittany, has mental health issues and has threatened her and other members of their family on multiple occasions.

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Brittany adamantly denies her mother’s claims. She insists there is nothing wrong with her mental health and claims that it’s Donna who is the problem.

WATCH ‘The Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Had To Do In My Life Is Live With My Own Daughter,’ Says Dad Of 28-Year-Old

Dr. Phil reviews surveillance footage of a physical altercation between Brittany and Donna in the lobby of the hotel where they and their family stayed as guests of the program. He points out that Brittany can be seen advancing on Donna while security and Brittany’s father, Steven, try to restrain her.

Caught on Video – “People Behaving Badly” Tell Dr. Phil

Brittany says her father was wrong for pulling her off her mother. When she claims that Donna was “controlling” the movements of the security team, what is Dr. Phil’s response?

Watch part one of this two-part episode airing Monday, then tune in for the conclusion on Tuesday when Dr. Phil reveals his plan for Brittany. Will Donna and Steven be willing to take a step back and let him help their daughter?

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