“My mom has been on drugs my entire life,” claims Ashley, whose mother, Janet, admits Ashley was born addicted to cocaine. She claims the medication she was given to wean off the drug stunted her growth, and that she’s had “A lot of learning disabilities through my life.”

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Ashley’s younger sister, Aja, claims she remembers the smell of drugs in the house while growing up. She says, “Because of my mom’s drug use, she missed a lot of major milestones in my life.”

“I feel that my children resent me for their childhood,” says Janet. Now 57, she says she first became addicted to drugs as a teenager. “I admit I put the girls in bad situations.”

“I know I can’t continue to beat myself up about the past,” says Janet, who claims she’s currently in recovery. “If they want to carry the past with them, that’s on them.”

How do Ashley and Aja respond when Janet claims her past drug addiction has made them “Strong, independent women”?

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