Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, says she spent two and a half years in prison for reckless homicide after a friend died; overdosing on drugs she admits she provided. Tricia’s sister, Christy, took her daughters in and was eventually given legal custody of the girls.

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Now, after serving her time, Tricia claims she is clean and sober; has a job and a two bedroom apartment. She claims she’s ready to bring her daughters home, but Christy refuses to let her have her children back.

“Christy is trying to erase me from my daughters’ lives,” says Tricia, claiming her sister hasn’t allowed her to see or speak to her children in months.

“I know I messed up, but I’m not doing anything wrong now. There’s no reason I shouldn’t have them,” she says. 

Claiming her sister is a deceitful, irresponsible drug addict who hasn’t changed since leaving prison, Christy says she will never give Tricia back her daughters. Why does Tricia say she’s worried about her children being in Christy’s care?

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Clean, Sober, And Gainfully Employed; Woman Says She’s Ready To Bring Her Daughters Home