Sarah says she’s tired of her family trying to control her and making her out to be a danger to her child. “They took my daughter as if she was some kind of object. I’ve been trying to get her back ever since,” says Sarah. She’s claiming her family “kidnapped” her baby girl.

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The child has lived with Sarah’s father, Jim, and stepmother, Cindy, since August 2015. They claim she put her little girl’s safety at risk by exposing her to dangerous situations involving drugs, gangs and other illegal activities.

“I’m not a monster to my own child; I’ve never put my daughter in harm’s way,” says Sarah who denies the allegation. “My family didn’t agree with who I was hanging around with. I’m guilty by association.”

Sarah claims her father forced her into signing over temporary guardianship of her daughter, then put strict conditions on what she would have to do before she would be allowed to see the child again.

“My father lays out these terms and conditions, A, B, C, D, E, and if I don't follow these guidelines - I’m unable to see my daughter. I missed out on a lot – Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, all because I wasn’t living life on their terms.”

Sarah says she’s gone “above and beyond” for her daughter and claims she’s turning her life around, for the sake of her child. When her family claims they have proof that she’s still involved in illegal activities, how does she respond?

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Woman Whose Family Claims She Engages in Dangerous Activities Says It’s Not Fair To Be Defined By Her Past Mistakes