Kristen says she was diagnosed with PTSD five years ago. “As a teenager and a child, I was sexually abused,” she claims. “My childhood abuser abused us horribly.”

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Kristen says the only way she has found relief is by isolating herself and smoking marijuana.

“There are times that she uses PTSD as a crutch,” says Kristen’s daughter, Brittney. Brittney claims her mother is at war with her entire family. She says when she doesn’t take her mother’s side, Kristen texts her hateful messages.

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Kristen’s sister, Susie, says she doesn’t have any sympathy for Kristen and doesn’t believe that she has PTSD. “It’s almost like she wants to label herself with PTSD so that she has the license to mistreat people.” Susie says she’s taken out restraining orders against Kristen alleging verbal abuse and threats.

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Kristen claims her family is lying about her. When she tells Dr. Phil she’s about to walk off the stage, what does he do that convinces her to stay?

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