Alma says her 16-year-old daughter, Emmy’s, behavior is out of control. She says the teen drinks alcohol, smokes marijuana, and has been physically aggressive with her. However, Alma’s sister, Anna, says the real problem has more to do with Alma’s drinking than Emmy’s teenage rebellion.

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“Alma would rather be with her glass of wine than her daughter,” Anna claims.

Emmy, who claims her mom drinks two-to-three bottles of wine a night, adds, “She’s a functioning alcoholic.”

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“Sometimes, I black out from being drunk. I don’t remember,” Alma admits. “Right now, I don’t consider myself an alcoholic. I just drink to numb myself.”

What does Dr. Phil say to Alma about her behavior? Does Alma believe she has a drinking problem? And on Tuesday’s episode, see what Dr. Phil says this mother and daughter need to do to get their lives back on track. Check here to see where you can watch.

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