Erica’s family says they’re extremely concerned for her, and her two children with her longtime boyfriend, Chris.

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“Ever since Chris came into Erica’s life, her world has been turned upside down,” says Erica’s stepmother, Susan.

Erica’s father, Guy, claims that Chris has “brainwashed” his daughter “And completely changed who she is.”

The couple, along with Erica’s mother, Suzanne, claims that Chris has convinced Erica to reject societal norms, participate in a polyamorous relationship, and has manipulated her into believing that he is going to save mankind.

“Chris doesn’t believe in working and thinks a job is beneath him, but he mooches off people all the time,” says Suzanne.

She claims that not only are Erica, Chris, and their pregnant girlfriend, Charnell, homeless; but that Chris has the women, and their children out panhandling on the streets.

Erica denies being “brainwashed” by Chris, with whom she has two children. She claims her (Caucasian) family is judging him based on the color of his skin (Black); which they adamantly deny.

“Erica needs an intervention,” says Susan. Does Dr. Phil agree? Tune in to  Tuesday’s episode. episode.

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Parents Claim Their Adult Daughter Is Being Forced To Panhandle By Her Boyfriend