Samantha claims that within a few months of her marriage, her husband, Josh, began to get physical with her.
“He shoved me down with my daughter in my arms and our son in my belly,” Samantha says. “At that moment is when I really knew that he did have built up anger.”

Josh admits that he has anger issues but claims that Samantha has also been physical with him. “She’s egged it on because she knows what buttons to push,” he says.
Samantha also claims that Josh has been verbally abusive toward her older daughter. Watch an interaction between Josh and Samantha’s older daughter in the video above to see why Samantha says, “I know in my heart that he is abusive.”
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Mexico Plastic Surgery Meltdown,” hear why Dr. Phil says he believes both Samantha and Josh are committing a crime. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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