Karla claims her husband, Stephen, has lied to and manipulated her throughout their 38-year marriage – usually so subtly that she thought she was the problem, a phenomenon known as gaslighting. It got to the point that Karla says she felt so helpless and inadequate that she developed a social anxiety and did not leave her home for years.

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“I pretty much locked myself in the house for about 10 years,” Karla says. “My therapist diagnosed me with PTSD, social phobia, and general anxiety. She said that it was due to being married to Steve.”

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Karla says when she met Steve, he took over everything in her life, leaving her completely dependent on him, including performing everyday tasks like making phone calls and preparing meals.

“He will take a box of cereal out of my hand to pour it for me or even take my phone out of my hand to hit send on a text,” Karla says.

Stephen admits that when he learned of his wife’s diagnosis, he ignored it.

“I just pretended it was normal,” he says. “I would go do the shopping. I would do the errands we needed to do. I would go to work.”

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He also admits that he has played mind games, manipulated and lied to his wife during their entire marriage.

Now, Karla says she’s been “crippled” by Stephen. “He’s got me convinced that I can’t do anything without him,” she says.

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