Jeff claims his wife, Audrey, is a sex addict who has cheated on him with hundreds of men for most of their marriage. He’s accused her of missing work to spend time with other men, of bringing men to her parents’ home while they were out of town, and even of having an affair with a neighbor.

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Audrey vehemently denies ever being unfaithful to her husband, who she claims is “delusional.” She says that Jeff calls her names and constantly interrogates her to try and prove his allegations.

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Audrey claims Jeff stepped up his accusations around 2014, nearly two years after he went on disability for back injuries that cause him severe pain.

“Subsequent with that," says Dr. Phil, addressing Jeff in the video above, “you also got prescribed opioids.”

How does Dr. Phil say the long-term effects of the medication could be impacting Jeff's perceptions?

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