Paula says she resents that her husband, Jeremy, decided to walk away from his military career and benefits without telling her first. “I was furious,” she says. “My first reaction was, ‘How could you do this to us?’”

Paula claims that Jeremy used his PTSD diagnosis as an excuse to leave the Airforce. Jeremy says he couldn’t have handled another deployment. And, after he tested positive for cannabis use, he didn’t have another choice.

“At that point, I was already so mentally drained from the PTSD, from my job – I wasn’t planning on staying anyway,” says Jeremy. “So without consulting Paula, I had already gotten another job and was honorably discharged.”

Watch the video above to hear more about what Jeremy says he saw and experienced overseas. And later, can Paula and Jeremy work through their differences? Find out what Dr. Phil has to say on Wednesday’s episode, “Marriage on Hiatus.” 

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