Christina and her stepmother, Patty, claim that Christina’s father, Jerry Sr., is enabling her brother’s drug addiction – and if he doesn’t stop, Jerry Jr. is going to die.

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“If my brother didn’t have my dad’s money, his addiction wouldn’t be as bad as it is now,” Christina says. “Just last month, my brother was arrested for charges on distribution. My dad hired one of the best attorneys and was able to get the case dismissed.” The young woman says as soon as her dad bails out her brother, Jerry Jr. starts getting high again.

Patty, who says that her husband has given his son millions of dollars, adds, “My husband’s enabling has basically crippled and disabled his son.”

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Fearing for Jerry Jr.’s life, the women turn to Dr. Phil for help. “My brother’s life is starting to crumble. It can only take one bag of heroin to kill him, and my dad’s just sitting back and letting it happen,” Christina says.

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Dr. Phil shows Patty and Christina video footage of Jerry Sr. buying drugs for his son and allowing him to shoot heroin and smoke crack in front of him. Is Jerry Jr. ready to get sober? Check here to see where you can watch.


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