Jimmy says he’s very worried about his 37-year- old-daughter Tia, who he claims makes up terrible lies about him, including telling people that he molested her in the past.

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Jimmy’s wife, Donna, claims Tia has a “weird sexual infatuation with her father” and has also made up terrible lies about her. Both she and Jimmy adamantly deny all of Tia’s allegations.

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Tia says, “It totally is my family’s mission to make me look crazy,” and insists they are lying – not her.

“Since the truth cannot come out of their mouths, my son – my beautiful baby – now sees things in their vision,” Tia tells Dr. Phil.

Why does Tia claim that her family has “brainwashed” her 15-year-old son?

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Woman Claims Her Mother ‘Brainwashed’ Her Son

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Playing Woman Claims Her Mother ‘Brainwashed’ Her Son


Woman Claims Her Mother ‘Brainwashed’ Her Son