Christina's 20-year-old son Stephin was shot and killed six years ago. Stephin’s good friend Devin was one of three people arrested in connection with the crime. After pleading guilty to negligent homicide, he was sentenced to five years in jail.

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Recently released after serving two years and four months, Christina claims Devin is now harassing her family.

“He’ll come at us head on in vehicles and he’ll make sure that we see it’s him,” Christina tells Dr. Phil in the video above.

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The distraught mother says she's convinced Devin pulled the trigger and believes he should have received a longer sentence. Watch her story here.

Devin is adamant he didn't kill his friend and says he's served his time. He also claims Christina is the one harassing him.

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On Friday’s episode, see what happens when Christina and Devin come face to face for the first time in more than a year. Check here to see where you can watch.

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