Danielle’s family claims she’s been angry since childhood, and her rage often escalates into violent outbursts. They say she’s caused property damage and gets into altercations with others as well as sometimes harming herself.

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Her father, David, claims the 21-year-old began struggling with mental health issues around the age of 7 but is currently not taking any of the medications that have been prescribed to her.

Danielle admits she gets upset, and even rages, but claims she has her own way of calming down.

“Marijuana is something that helps me relax. It soothes me because it helps me go back to being me,” says Danielle, claiming the drug helps with her severe anxiety and has stopped her from having asthma attacks.

Admitting to driving while high she says, “I don’t think it impairs my vision or anything whatsoever.” She adds, “Nobody’s ever called the cops on me.”

Danielle also admits to drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel. She claims she nearly got a DUI once, which she says made her father mad, “But I didn’t get arrested, so why does it matter?”

When Dr. Phil talks with Danielle about the risks of driving while impaired, how does she respond?

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