“My mom is absolutely convinced that she’s dying,” says Adrienne. “She is so obsessed that it has become her identity and her total life.”

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Adrienne says that during the last six months, her mother has thought she’s had a brain tumor, lymphoma, hormonal problems, kidney failure, diabetes, nerve damage, dehydration and numb extremities.

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“If you can name an ailment, my mom has definitely thought she’s had it or is going to get it,” Adrienne says. She claims that her mom calls 911 multiple times a week, has been to the ER 30-50 times in the last six months, has seen 75 doctors and refuses to leave the hospital if she doesn’t like the results the doctor gives her.

“Every single time she does go to the hospital the doctors find absolutely nothing wrong with her. The doctors all say the same thing -- that she’s suffering from anxiety,” Adrienne says. “She refuses to believe that she’s not dying.”

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Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Adrienne says, “I’ve lost a normal relationship with my mother.”

What may be behind Cathy’s obsession with her health? Hear from Cathy on Wednesday’s episode. And, find out why it took her 18 hours to get to the show – a trip that should have taken five hours. Check here to see where you can watch.

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