“My mom is very narcissistic and manipulative,” says Jill of her mother, Kathy.

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Jill claims that her mother lied to her for many years about an altercation Kathy had with her son, Jill’s brother, Tim, in which Tim was arrested and convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery.

“My mother had led me to believe that he had become physically violent with her. At the time, I had a much closer relationship with my mom. I never imagined that she would lie about something like this,” Jill says. “For years after the incident, I did not talk to my brother.”

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Jill says she and her brother eventually rebuilt their relationship and that that’s when she claims she learned her mother had lied to her about the altercation. “Three years ago, my mom came clean with me and told me that she had exaggerated the whole situation and that he did not physically harm,” she claims. “I don’t think that my mom has come clean to the family and for that reason, they have alienated my brother. Tim hates my mom for what she’s done, and I really don’t blame him.”

Watch more of Jill’s story in the video above. And on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Tim and Kathy tell their side of the story. Can this family heal their relationships? Check here to see where you can watch.

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