“I cut my mother out of my life because she molested my daughter,” Kelly claims. “I think my mother touched my daughter’s private parts.”

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The young mom also claims that her mother, Terrie, has molested her, her sister and other people – all accusations that her mom vehemently denies.

“I had connected with a psychic. She looked at my mother’s picture. She said, ‘This woman has a dark heart and she doesn’t feel bad about what she does,’” Kelly claims. “My mother is a covert narcissist.”

WATCH: 'Smearing You, And Being A Serial Child Molester Are Two Different Things,' Dr. Phil Tells Woman Who Accuses Her Mom Of Molesting Her Daughter

In the video above, hear about what Kelly calls the “smear campaign” she claims her mom has launched against her since Kelly has made the abuse allegations.

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Terrie and why she believes her daughter is making these allegations against her. Can Dr. Phil get to the bottom of it? Check here to see where you can watch.

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