Lydia lives in a six thousand square foot mansion in the hills of Southern California that she says gives her “nothing but happiness and pleasure.” Her daughter, Kim, says she fears she’ll inherit her mother’s messy mansion along with the responsibility of caring for her emotionally challenged older sister, Lori, who lives there with Lydia.

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Kim says her mother’s home is overcrowded. She claims that while Lydia has expensive furnishings and artwork in the home – she also has “hoarder stacks of papers” and “things that haven’t been looked at in 20 years.”

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“I live my life the way I choose to, right now,” says Lydia, adding, “I love all of the collectibles, and I intend to live my life exactly the way I need to live it for me.”

Watch the video above as Lydia leads a tour of her mansion. Plus – what does Lydia say about the relationship between her daughters?

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