Isabel claims that her mother-in-law, Debbie’s, extreme ritualistic behavior is a “cry for attention,” and continues because no one puts their foot down.

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“Debbie is out of control because of my father-in-law, Kelly, and my husband, Dustin. Dustin and Kelly have both been enabling her,” Isabel claims. “This is just the end result of everything that they’ve been doing, and trust me, she knows how to manipulate both of them. Debbie definitely thrives off that power.”

Debbie claims she’s allergic to almost everything and admits to engaging in ritualistic behavior to keep her home environment free of allergens. However, Kelly says that he has taken his wife of 35 years to numerous doctors and that she’s had multiple tests but she is not allergic to anything.

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“I do believe it’s a cry for attention,” Isabel says. “Debbie is definitely like a spoiled child. If she doesn’t get her way, she’ll throw a temper tantrum.”

Watch more of their story in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what Dr. Phil uncovers and what he believes may be causing Debbie’s behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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What A ‘Dr. Phil’ Investigation Finds At The Home Of Woman Who Claims She’s Allergic To Almost Everything