Bailey claims she’s been in a relationship with Jasmine since she “liked” one of her tweets eight months ago. She says that even though they’ve never met in person, “she’s with me in a weird subliminal way.” Bailey claims that Jasmine talks to her in her head and moves objects in her apartment to show that she’s always with her.

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However, Jasmine says she doesn’t know Bailey, they have no relationship, and she wants the 21-year-old to stop bombarding her with hundreds of messages.

In an attempt to get Bailey to acknowledge the reality of the situation, Dr. Phil points out that it’s more likely objects are moving because of something in the environment rather than through a psychokinetic power. Dr Phil also reminds Bailey that Jasmine has sent her numerous messages telling her that she doesn’t know her and she wants her to leave her alone.

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In the video above, Bailey discusses praying to Morgan Freeman’s face but calling him Denzel Washington.

On Tuesday’s episode, see what happens when Bailey comes face-to-face with Jasmine for the first time. Check here to see where you can watch.

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‘I Want To Apologize To Her,’ Says 21-Year-Old Who Has Been Bombarding Woman She Met Online With Unwanted Contact