It’s been 31 years since 7-month-old Christopher Abeyta disappeared in the middle of the night from his crib in Colorado Springs. His sister, Denise, says the search for her baby brother has never stopped.

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“That evening I had a sister who called and said she may be spending the night at her friend’s house. My mom, in the back of her mind, she remembered thinking, ‘ah, I’ll leave the door unlocked just in case she comes home.’’

Denise says early the next morning she heard her mother, Bernice, frantically yelling for Christopher.

“My mom was running around the house looking for Christopher. This door was open when we woke up. So that was another thing my mom saw and knew someone had been in the house. Within about 10 minutes the police were called. Everyone, including the police, were in a state of disbelief.”

Denise says authorities initially accused her mother of smothering Christopher and throwing him in a nearby lake. Charges were never pursued.

Denise says her baby brother’s disappearance became Bernice’s life. “My mother continued to search for Christopher right up until her death.”

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Christopher Abeyta was seven months old at the time of his abduction. If you or someone you know has any information regarding the July 15, 1986, disappearance of Christopher Abeyta, please contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) or visit online at

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