Jennifer claims that all of her and her husband, Billy’s, electronic devices and accounts have been repeatedly hacked for nearly two years and that the hacking started shortly after Billy started going through her phone.

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Billy, who says he started going through Jennifer’s phone after a friend told him she was planning to leave him for another man, says he believes Jennifer is behind the hacking. An allegation she adamantly denies.

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Jennifer claims she took a polygraph test to prove her innocence and was asked 4-5 questions. “And there was only one that I answered that made test results come up inconclusive. He (the polygraph examiner) said, if it weren't for that one question, I would have passed with flying colors,” she claims.

“If she passed, either she has had extensive training, or he's not a very good polygraph examiner,” says Billy, who claims Jennifer is lying.

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‘Everything Points To Me, I Get That,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s Innocent Of Hacking Allegation