Danielle says she signed up to be a sugar baby to help herself and her husband, Ryan, get into a better financial position after she says they found out they owed $20,000 to the IRS. She claims that Ryan “constantly puts us into financial troubles.”

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Ryan claims he never wanted Danielle to become a sugar baby, and only agreed to it because she gave him an ultimatum.

WATCH Married Woman Says She Only Wanted To Work As A Sugar Baby ‘To Put Us Back In A Better Financial Position’

“She told me that ‘If you don’t come along with this and let me do this, that’s it, we’re going to split up. We’re going to divorce;’ so I was kind of trying to buy some time to try to fix things,” says Ryan.

Danielle claims that not only did Ryan agree to it, “He actively participated. He would text these men for me because he said, ‘I know what men want to hear.’”

“That never happened once,” says Ryan, vehemently denying Danielle’s claim, but Danielle says she has a witness. Watch Wednesday’s Dr. Phil to find out who.

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Woman Says She Knew Being A Sugar Baby ‘Would Be Fast And Easy Money’