Crystal says she and Terry, a married father of two, had a sexual relationship on-and-off for 15 years. However, Crystal claims she had no idea that Terry was a married family man until more than a decade into their relationship.

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“I saw him and Cherie with the two kids at the RV show, and I walked by him and I just said, ‘Fancy seeing you here.’ I didn’t stop, I didn’t make a scene, and I turned around and I left. I realized that he had a family,” Crystal says. “I was angry to the point where I was sick to my stomach. For him to spit in my face like that was hard.”

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Crystal got pregnant in 2010 and claims Terry is the father, but says when she gave him the news, he chose not to be a part of the child’s life. She says after seeing him with his family, she demanded he give her money to support the child.

“I phoned him and told him [that if] he’s going to be responsible for his other two kids, then he needed to be responsible for mine as well,” Crystal says. “He walked away from my daughter to cover his own ass. He’s a deadbeat. He had a part in this and he needs to accept responsibility.”

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Hear more from Crystal in the video above, including what she wants to tell Terry’s wife. And on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Crystal comes face-to-face with Terry and Cherie on Dr. Phil’s stage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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