“I died 15 years ago and when I woke up, I had psychic abilities,” says Kaden. “God sent me back with a mission and some gifts. I can speak French, I can write the Bengali alphabet, I can understand any foreign language.”

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Kaden also claims she has X-ray vision and can see spirits.

“The craziest thing that I know how to do is I can hear what people think before they speak,” she says.

Kaden, who is dating Matthew, a man 24 years her junior, claims it’s these abilities, in part, that helped her determine he was abused as a child. She says she is now trying to help him.

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However, Matthew’s mother and grandmother deny that he was abused and claim Kaden is “brainwashing” Matthew.

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“It doesn’t bother me when people doubt my abilities because I’m just a messenger for God,” Kaden declares.

In the video above, Dr. Phil questions Kaden about her “psychic abilities.” Does Matthew believe her claims? Is Matthew being conned, do his mom and grandmother need to accept Matthew’s traumatic past, or is something else going on? Check here to see where you can watch  Friday’s episode.

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Dr. Phil Questions Woman Who Claims She Has ‘Psychic Abilities,’ X-Ray Vision