Samantha says after learning about her husband Josh’s affair, she gained 100 pounds. So, she says she went to a clinic in Tijuana to get a mini gastric bypass surgery in the hopes of saving their marriage.
“I wanted the gastric bypass to lose the weight to please my husband,” Samantha says. But, the mom of three claims that’s when her “nightmare” began. “I had this dark cloud feeling over me. I told Josh that I didn’t want to go through with it. Josh made it very clear that there was no going home,” Samantha claims. “I regret this weight loss surgery a million times over.”

Hear why Samantha says her struggles have gone from bad to worse in the video above. And, hear what Josh says about the situation and his relationship with his wife.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Mexico Plastic Surgery Meltdown,” hear why Dr. Phil says he believes they both are committing a crime. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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