Jennifer claims she has a “gift of prophecy” and visions that she shares with world leaders to prevent negativity in the world.

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“The way this gift works best is I will post on Facebook or Twitter what the Lord is showing me,” Jennifer explains. “Normally, world leaders, other people are seeing that and making decisions to try to intercept the evil I’m seeing coming.” She claims 60-75% of world leaders are following her posts. “A lot of these world leaders, they trust the Lord’s wisdom through me for global strategy.”

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In the video above, hear Jennifer’s other claims, including how she says she’s influenced President Trump. And, see how her children react to hearing her claims – and Jennifer’s response.
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what Jennifer claims about Vladimir Putin. And, will Dr. Phil be able to help bring this family back together? Check here to see where you can watch.


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