Stacey says that shortly after she and her husband, Kevin Esterly, met Amy Yu at church eight years ago, the young girl grew to be a part of their family, as a “fifth daughter.” Stacey says Kevin promised to watch out for her like one of his four daughters, acting like a father-figure in her life.

Stacey says that Amy’s mother approved of her daughter spending time with their family.

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“[She] would call us and beg myself or Kevin, ‘Please come pick Amy up. She doesn't listen to me.' At times, she would beg us to take her son, John, as well,’” Stacey claims of Amy’s mom.

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However, Stacey says that eight months ago, she started to grow suspicious of her husband and Amy’s relationship, and she claims she warned Amy’s mom.

“There were several times I approached her. I said, ‘I don’t want Amy at the house,’ and she said, ‘Well, Kevin told me, you know, that he makes the decisions and to go through him and not to tell you anything.’ I said, ‘I’m the mother and if I don’t want her at my house, then she’s not coming over,’” Stacey tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Thursday. “There were numerous times that I reached out to her expressing concerns, and nothing was ever done.”

In March 2018, Kevin and Amy ran away together, leading to an international investigation. Police arrested Kevin at a resort in Mexico and claimed he and Amy carried on a secretive relationship for months before running away together. Kevin is currently being held in jail on $500,000 bail. He is charged with interfering with the custody of a child.

In the video above, Stacey describes what she means by an “inappropriate” relationship. And on Thursday, hear more of what Stacey calls the lies and betrayal from her husband of almost 14 years. Check here to see where you can watch.

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